August 7th

We were working hard in the Baltic sea today, small craft advisory Russian style. It was maybe blowing twenty on this almost fresh water, waves stacking up.  Just seemed more wild than twenty back home.

Very wet and very fun to steer. The window for optimum steering angle was wafer thin, what an opportunity to climb up and over and down again within that wind window. super hard but a joy to just tune into the optimum heel of the boat.

It was prime mono hull weather. Lifting and falling, beautifully balanced on the surface, pushing forward. Even un-thwarted by the chance to punch through when caught in a trough too deep and steep. Given, quite a bit of water washed over and into the cockpit.

Maybe thirty boats started, many a few boat lengths early, then half the fleet went in after tuning to the first mark.

We stuck too, long 1.5 mile legs with a fun duel at the end. Came in 6th, I think.

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