TOTEM wins Panerai Trophy

For the best overall score.  Totem takes home the Panerai trophy at the Museum of Yachting Classic Yacht Regatta. Sailed by Jesse Smith, Brad Read, Dave Moffit, Ned Jones, and Chris Museler.

Brad Read giving the thumbs up after a big day on the water.  Blowing 22 knots.  TOTEM helped with the retrieval of a man overboard from Valiant.  Great race.





2 thoughts on “TOTEM wins Panerai Trophy

  1. My name is Richard Roblin my father Robert Roblin who passed away last year was the owner of Totem in the late 70’s and early 80’s. We had a cottage on the Hayward Long Reach at the time. I would love to talk with the owner of this beautiful 6-metre. Many fond memories of our family sailing Totem and racing as well . Please could you get back to me via my emial.
    Blessings Richard

    1. Dear Richard,
      I am the present owner of TOTEM and have fallen for the beautiful lady. We are heading to Helsinki next week for the 6 Metre World Cup!
      I would love to hear everything I can about the yacht. I am indeed interested in gathering every story and detail of her life.
      Best, Jesse

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