Ida Lewis Tune-up Regatta

Spins up

The Ida Lewis Yacht Club hosted a races this Weekend for any one who wanted to practice before the Worlds. The line up was:

US21 Madcap
US52 Alana
N71 Flapper
US51 Totem
US53 Cherokee
US56 Jill
D22 Clarity
N80 Elisabeth X
US112 Ranger
US118 Arunga


NZ1 Scout

SWE 132 Sophie II

There were three races. The classic wooden boats raced along side the modern boats.   There was a great deal of waiting for the wind to come up as we all ghosted around each other sometimes launching into short practice runs when there was a puff from the North.  Finally the breeze filled in a little from the South.  The first two races were in very light breeze and the last one had a touch more juice.  How did TOTEM do? 1st then 3rd and then 1st.  TOTEM’s first official win since being restored.  Well done TOTEM.

High Speed Ferry


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