Cracking the Walnut

Cracking the walnut
I have been bouncing around this arena of restoration, where on one side the noble original,  Totem by Luders, wants to be discovered and recovered and on the other side, smirking, is the idea of the trophy chaser.  There is actually a biassed ref involved as well, known as Dr. Cruise.  After my bouts with the power hungry blue ribbon chaser the brass original stands the tallest.
There was an interesting intersection when walnut popped its head up as a good and local alternative to mahogany and maybe even teak..  This was smothered by the thought that  to stay true to the original we should hold onto some of the tropical heritage even in the wake of deforestation.  Its a tough place to be, there are few options and even spruce and yellow cedar have their issues with the clear cutting of the western united states.  sorry walnut.
The boat itself has also been throwing around some eddies.  What was once a good looking bunch of planks have now gotten very thin with 70 plus years of sanding and now all new planking is now a spanking.
We are now on the lookout for respectable harvesting methods.  If anyone has any thoughts please share, .

Sunday, November 11, 2007

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