There Is Some Good Wood

There is some good wood too.
We have removed 1/10th of the glass/paint/fairing to find all kinds of goodies.  What seems to be the matter?  Well, this here is some rot caused by a back stay fastener who did a little leaking over a lot of years.  She cries rot from her backstay.  Quick fix, cut and paste.
In this next photo we get to see where all the ribs
have been replaced and the old holes filled in
by epoxy.  The best part is that at every 4 feet
there is a carbon strap, note the black tab, Why?
Maybe, “hey, this has been kicking around lets –
just use it.”   There are 4 scribe lines to denote
her different water lines over the years, hmmm,
4, hmmm?  Lets keep on sanding.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


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