TOTEM – a testament

Bill Luder’s TOTEM narrowly escapes the snowy silence of the Maine woods to fill a  mantle with  11 awards within three years.  How she pulled in an evergreen sailor, a knowing writer, and a hand of wind warriors can only be understood by the silent breeze she lifts for.

TOTEM heads back to Maine this year to race again in the waters that she sipped 5 years ago on tired planks and random parts.

First World Cup Race – Wow City

Well , if you thought sailing behind the small Baltic island chain might soften the blow , it might not.

There has been a bit of grumbling because the race was abandoned in the middle of the 4th and final leg but there can be some satisfaction in having survived the 25 knot gusts and burning a ton of white knuckle calories .

Here they were – all the boats zipping back and forth and off the line. The wind was howling. Maybe twenty – maybe twenty four ( no sailing starts at 25) Totems groove was not ideal but we held on , then just as we were tacking to round the mark the jib car grabbed hold of the jib line and would not let go. Then freed -. Off we go to round then lift the kite. wow city. With a quick And loud pop the plow is pulling us down waves.

Conan tiller war would start up every once and again to keep the spin from overdoing a role. One battle brought us swinging over, pressed by a wave and a role almost crashing into a neighboring relic.

At the end of the third leg they sent us in.

No finish today.